Uganda for the adventurous traveler

Truth be told South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya are well known as safari countries. In these countries, you can see the big game, white sand beaches and tall mountains. If you’ve been to any of these three, perhaps it’s time to extend your adventure to one but a rather unknown destination, Uganda.

This country neighbors both Kenya and Tanzania but has quite a lot which has caught eyes of those with an adventurous mind to Africa. This country offers the source of the Nile first seen by a European adventurer, John H. Speke in 1858. At this youthful river, there are exciting opportunities for both white water rafting and bungee jumping. These are adrenaline testing activities, apparently offered by experts in the business world-over. Besides these activities, Uganda offers varieties of wildlife including lions, cheetah, elephants, hippopotami, giraffe, hyenas, leopards, and large herds of buffalo among others. What’s unique about this wildlife experience, which you won’t find anywhere else, is that, you can view these animals in the backdrop of thunderous waterfalls and a natural rainbow.

There are also tree climbing lions in Uganda, a cat you won’t find anywhere else in the world. For the lovers of mountaineering, the Rewnzoris or as commonly known, the mountains of the moon, offer a good challenge. Standing at about 5111 meters above sea level, these mountains lie astride the equator but have permanent snow caps. The tour of Uganda may not end at the Rwenzoris. There are mountain gorillas to meet in Bwindi Impenetrable forest, and Chimpanzees to view in the “primate city” of Kibale Forest national park.

It is also in Uganda where you can find people who still live in natural caves and live almost Stone Age lifestyles. Uganda is the home to man, Idi Amin Dada, who expelled Asians from Uganda and declared himself Conqueror of the British Empire. By the time you get done with all that there is to see in Uganda, you will surely tell that this little country can rival South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya in terms of adventuring opportunities. Indeed, it has been quietly visited by most of the world celebrities, past and present.