Experience Uganda


Uganda is undisputedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You will always hear people say that the small East African country has beautiful scenic landscapes, warm people and fantastic weather.

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If you have a passion for birding, Uganda might be a good destination for you. The country boasts of a recorded 1062 bird species, or 12% of the world’s bird species and half of Africa’s bird population.

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Uganda is described by many as a cultural melting pot because of its cultural diversity and heritage. Three times less than the US state of Texas Uganda has over 56 tribes, speaking more than 30 languages. Each of these tribes has their unique ways of life, ranging from food, to marriage, division of labor, dance and arts among others. Many Ugandans can hardly sustain conversations in vernacular across the four regions of the country.

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Truth be told South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya are well known as safari countries. In these countries, you can see the big game, white sand beaches and tall mountains. If you’ve been to any of these three, perhaps it’s time to extend your adventure to one but a rather unknown destination, Uganda.

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