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    Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Did you know this about Uganda?

Uganda is a small East African country which is about 2.7 times smaller than France. It is 3 times smaller than Texas and almost one quarter of Tanzania. However, this country beams with unexplored beauty and diversity, which made former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill to describe it as the “Pearl of Africa”. Little known to the world, this country is home to more than half of the world’s remaining endangered Mountain Gorillas and boasts of the highest density of primates in Africa.

When you are in Uganda, you will certainly see the source of the World’s longest River, Nile as its waters start a three months journey to the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. Along this river, there are wonderful opportunities to undertake white water rafting and sightseeing of extremely powerful waterfalls and rapids, forming a rainbow in front of you. Located in both south and northern hemispheres, Uganda is a birding paradise with a recorded 1060 bird species or half of Africa’s bird species.

Again in this country, you will find Africa’s tallest horst mountains, the Rwenzori’s, lying astride the equator yet covered with permanent snow and a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, that made it become a UNESCO world Heritage Site. Standing at 5111 meters above sea level, this mountain rivals the Kilimanjaro in toughness to the climbers.

Uganda boasts over 56 tribes with unique cultures but living harmoniously together. Uganda is home to a number of UNESCO world heritage sites (in addition to Rwenzori) but most importantly is home to possibly the world’s warmest and most friendly people who treat visitors like their own brothers and sisters, irrespective of race and origin.

Uganda is also endowed with fantastic tropical climate, and fertile soils which produce fresh organic food. There is a vibrant nightlife, with lots of opportunities to party, enjoy and celebrate life!

A recent study of international visitors to Uganda revealed that literally all of them praised the little known country for:
• Beautiful landscape and climate
• Freshness of food
• Friendliness of Ugandans
• Safety and freedom to move around
• Gorillas and chimpanzee
• Bird watching
• The Nile adventures
• Beer and beautiful women

Disregard what you may have seen in the media, Uganda is safe and has people who are peaceful and love visitors. Ask a friend who has been to Uganda prove if I am right!