• Entanda Village Soccer in an Alluring Background Scenery. You can't miss this fun-filled day! Enjoyed by 100% of our guests!

Client Reviews

An amazing experience! Not like anything I have experienced before in Uganda. The fruit was delicious! The dancing and drumming was fabulous and great to get involved. Thank you for making us so welcome!

- Rachael and George Barnes


Greatly enjoyed getting to know the people, Culture and traditions. Very well done.

- Jackson Frey

Washington DC, USA

Wow! The dancing and music was amazing! Thank you for the delicious fruit-the jack fruit was yummy. We enjoyed learning about the bees as my father (Elijah’s grandfather) keeps bees too.

- Kate & Elijah Coyle

Thornburg, England

Thanks for the amazing experience and the best of luck for the future. Definitely coming back to try the Jackfruit from our own tree

- Michelle Ploum


Thank you so much for the hospitality. We enjoyed all parts especially the music and dancing!

- Jenifer Frey

Virginia, USA

Beyond Excellent! Thank you for your hospitality and education trip!

- Reginald Moore


Such a great experience! We will definitely be back longer.

- Sarah Porter


I had wonderful experience with Grace. She was very kind and helpful in her job. In the beginning I thought the tour would be by car but I found it interesting on foot because of car congestion in town. I promise to finish the tour next time I visit Kampala.

- Antonio Alfabeto


Grace and Celestine's excitement at showing us their Ugandan culture was tangible. They were really enthusiastic and very open to our suggestions too. Our group got on famously and I look forward to going on another of Africa Sights and Sounds excellent tours. I will definitely be embarking on another tour - where are we going next?

- Charlotte Beauvoisin

Diary of a Muzungu | Uganda travel blog

We really appreciated your service and flexibility. You have been able to accomodate us on our little budget. Your service made our Easter the best in Kampala.

We had a chance to visit the key touristic sites due to your fine knowledge of the Uganda touristic sites. We enjoyed the cultural dance and drama. My family and me would like to thank you so much for these pleasant days in Kampala.

I will defitely recommend you to my friends brothers and colleagues who want to visit Kampala.

- Mahamadou Tanimoune


The long walk through the muddy footpaths, small streams and forests as we passed the beautiful landscapes of tea estates and cattle grazing. …we were amazed by the warm welcome of the natives with various fresh fruits with our thirsty throats, we ate to the fullest as we moved around the humble homestead! Basically, we loved the whole idea of learning about the Buganda culture.

- Nancy Njeri Njoroge


I especially enjoyed the Senga’s talk from the time we went to the garden and she showed us how to harvest Matooke, how to peel it and get it on fire. I prepared chicken Luwombo and it was so tasty! To be honest, I am a Ugandan but that was my first time to prepare Luwombo, and to cook food on firewood – it was so exciting!

- Bridget Nasasira

Makerere University Business School

…I loved the hiking, chanting through the village footpaths and homesteads as we ran, laying the nets and the whole experience of traditional hunting. How lovely is the community concept of protecting unprotected animals! The fruits, swings, food, traditional talks and everything was just amazing! Thank you Celestine

- Rhodri