How safe is visiting Uganda?

Posted on Sat December 31, 2016.

When you hear about Africa, most likely the story is about insecurity, disease, terrorist attacks, dictatorships and bad laws (such as the repealed anti-gay law in Uganda). Yes, there are places which have wars, and we wouldn’t recommend you to visit them. Your safety is paramount to us.

Despite a turbulent past, Uganda does not have civil war currently. Uganda is very peaceful and safe to visit. There is instability in Burundi but to reach Burundi from Uganda, one has to first cross through a peaceful Rwanda from North to South. There is unrest in South Sudan, Uganda’s neighbor to the north but this unrest is far away from Uganda’s secure border. Somalia has been unstable for decades but this country is thousands of kilometers away. Our neighbors, Kenya and Tanzania are peaceful. The eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo is fairly insecure but these wars have never spilled into Uganda save for the refugees who always resettle in Uganda.

Honestly, a visitor's life is very important to us and their security is our big priority. Like any other society, we have some pickpockets and minor thieves but we always make sure you stay safe. Uganda has even set up a whole department of Tourism Police to make sure visitors are protected.

About disease, yes there is malaria in Uganda. However, there is always a remedy for this. Although malaria is treatable, we encourage you to take anti-malarial drugs, a few tablets you swallow once before visiting. There have been cases of Ebola and Marburg in the past but these were suppressed and are non-existent.

Uganda has a vibrant nightlife, fresh organic food and lots of fresh fruits. It is such a good place to visit. The people are the most hospitable in Africa! Why not consider a trip to Uganda?


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