• Beautiful Uganda
    Beautiful Uganda

Beautiful Uganda

Posted on Thu April 18, 2019.

Uganda is such a beauty that you won't believe a place like this still exists any where in the world. We would like to present this country to you!

Uganda's beauty stems from the country's rich natural and cultural diversity. With lots of rain, fertile soils and a warm climate, lots of life is supported in Uganda. As proof, you will find half of Africa's bird species in Uganda. The country is home to very unique primates, including Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees that reside in dense tropical forests. Some of these forests, such as the Kibale Forest have been described by many as the primate capital of the world. The country has tall mountains with permanent snow and ice as well as valleys that blossom with multitudes of wildlife. Some of these valleys, such as the Kidepo have vegetation and landscapes that will make you think you're 400 years back! The rivers, lakes and swamp systems cover this country. Of course, Ugandans eat fresh and organic food, and visitors like this, especially the fresh tropical fruits and vegetables! 

Besides nature, Uganda has beautiful people, diverse in origin but happy together and living harmoniously. They love visitors and their hospitality has wowed many people from all over the world. The small country of East Africa has several UNESCO world heritage sites as well as historical sites that will make you proud to visit. For instance, did you know that Uganda is the home dozens of Uganda Martyrs, Christian converts burnt alive by a king for their faith? This holy site has so far been visited by three Popes, the latest being Pope Francis!

Well, Uganda is just another place you need to visit and proudly tell others about your new discovery.  If you love photography, nature, freshness, culture or beer, have this country on your next travel bucket-list! And we can help you realise your dream!

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