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Is there really Tasty Food in Africa?

Posted by Celestine on Tue October 2, 2018 in Uganda Travel News.

“He who hasn’t travelled enough often praises the mom for being the best cook”. This is an African proverb, signifying the varieties of ways of preparing food and the delicious tastes that people enjoy. The proverb is also an open invitation to taste the African food!

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CEO of Sights and Sounds of Africa Presents Outstanding Paper at AUTO's 20th Anniversary

Posted by Caroline on Tue October 27, 2015 in Uganda Travel News.

Mr. Celestine Katongole, the founder and CEO of Sights & Sounds of Africa Safaris delivered a keynote speech to hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Association of Uganda Tours Operators (AUTO) at Kampala's Fairway Hotel

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