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A Buganda Queen that bore two sons that ruled Zanzibar and Buganda

Posted by Celestine on Tue May 8, 2018 in Cultural Tourism.

Did you know that Khalid Bin Barghash, the 6th Sultan of Zanzibar, was a young brother of Kabaka Mutesa I, of Buganda? Yes, it is true. The two shared the same mother!

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How do We Promote Wildlife Conservation through Traditional Hunting?

Posted by Celestine on Sun April 1, 2018 in Sustainable Tourism.

When I tell our clients that we hunt to save wildlife, many ask me how this happens. We were a group of traditional hunters and the only incentive we had to quit the practice, passed down from several generations, was tourism!

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20 Reasons to Visit Uganda

Posted on Sun May 28, 2017.

You may have heard about Uganda in the media for the wrong reasons, e.g. being against same sex relationships, dictator Idi Amin, wars, etc! I can bet that the situation on the ground is very different!

There are 101 good reasons to visit this little Gem described by many as gifted by nature and the Pearl of Africa. So what are these reasons? We shall give you only 20, and you'll discover the rest.

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How safe is visiting Uganda?

Posted on Sat December 31, 2016.

When you hear about Africa, most likely the story is about insecurity, disease, terrorist attacks, dictatorships and bad laws (such as the repealed anti-gay law in Uganda). Yes, there are places which have wars, and we wouldn’t recommend you to visit them. Your safety is paramount to us.

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CEO of Sights and Sounds of Africa Presents Outstanding Paper at AUTO's 20th Anniversary

Posted by Caroline on Tue October 27, 2015 in Uganda Travel News.

Mr. Celestine Katongole, the founder and CEO of Sights & Sounds of Africa Safaris delivered a keynote speech to hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Association of Uganda Tours Operators (AUTO) at Kampala's Fairway Hotel

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