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Evidence of civilisation in Uganda 3000 years before Jesus

Posted by Celestine on Thu July 25, 2019 in Uganda Travel Experiences.

Uganda is indeed a country of many wonders. Many people talk about the natural beauty of this country and never its rich cultural diversity. Recently, I embarked on a journey to the east of the country. A few kilometers from Jinja, I ended up at Bwonda landing site in Mayuge. Got into a speed boat for about 2 hours into lake Victoria. The The expansiveness of the lake with a few islands scattered far between each other, coupled with a bumpy ride, got me both excited and scared at the same time.

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Coffee a key stabilizer of polygamous marriages and friendships

Posted on Thu April 25, 2019.

Uganda is one of the few places in the world where coffee can grow naturally. As children, we used to go with our parents to the forest to harvest coffee. The trees just grew there naturally. At the time, I always thought that the trees had been given to us by the gods! Later in life, I discovered that coffee is grown in many parts of Uganda and serves varying purposes.

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Beautiful Uganda

Posted on Thu April 18, 2019.

Uganda is such a beauty that you won't believe a place like this still exists any where in the world. We would like to present this country to you!

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Is there really Tasty Food in Africa?

Posted by Celestine on Tue October 2, 2018 in Uganda Travel News.

“He who hasn’t travelled enough often praises the mom for being the best cook”. This is an African proverb, signifying the varieties of ways of preparing food and the delicious tastes that people enjoy. The proverb is also an open invitation to taste the African food!

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A Buganda Queen that bore two sons that ruled Zanzibar and Buganda

Posted by Celestine on Tue May 8, 2018 in Cultural Tourism.

Did you know that Khalid Bin Barghash, the 6th Sultan of Zanzibar, was a young brother of Kabaka Mutesa I, of Buganda? Yes, it is true. The two shared the same mother!

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