• A Queen Serving her King!
    A Queen Serving her King!

    Come we prepare Luwombo together and eat it the traditional way!

Traditional Uganda Food Tour

The ultimate African Food Adventure! It begins with a fresh foods market visit and ends preparing the food and dining together traditionally. We give you all the recipes from Central, North to Western Uganda in 2 days! We also do street food - the Ugandan Rolex!



Day One Morning: Sights & Sounds of a Ugandan Fresh Food Market

Meet up at your Hotel or residence

The day shall begin with a visit to a fresh food market. You’ll treat your eyes and all body senses to varieties of fresh vegetables, fruits, spices, and lots of tropical foods. These come from different parts of Uganda, grown from the fertile soils of the country and irrigated by the abundant tropical rains! The sight of this market will wow you, making you ready for the cooking experience! Don’t forget your camera behind.

Day One Mid-Morning: Luwombo preparation and dining

We cook together

This is a traditional special food for the people of Buganda Kingdom. Can take several forms but is overall prepared in banana leaves, and steamed on either a charcoal stove or firewood. We shall prepare the luwombo in a traditional homestead, and you’ll be involved throughout. We shall have stories about Buganda food, the culture and tease you to share how you do it back home! At the end of the day, we shall eat everything we shall have prepared, and you’ll taste the home-made fresh juice from the fruits bought on the market tour.  There’s now where else in the world where you will find this type of cooking and dining, not in even in the catering schools.

Day one Afternoon: Boo and Kalo preparation and dining

Northern uganda

From Buganda, we shall cross over to northern Uganda dishes. Of course we shall not physically travel to northern Uganda – we shall be accommodated at a home of one the food experts from the region. The food for the day shall be at least three varieties from the Acholi. Boo and Kalo (finger millet bread) shall definitely be part of the menu. This food is common to people from northern Uganda and is 100% organic. It is a delicacy enjoyed by many, and nowadays has been adopted by other tribes. Boo is a type of vegetable spiced with local ingredients and is quite tasty. Both are served hot and steaming and is still unique to Uganda.

Day Two Morning: Eshabwe preparation

western Uganda

This is ghee prepared by hand and is a staple food for the cattle keeping tribes in Uganda. It is prepared and eaten as sauce, and is often served to people considered special. The process of preparation will be done in a home of one of the people from western Uganda. You will be involved in the whole process of preparation.

Day Two Afternoon: The Ugandan Rolex

Street Food

Rolex is a local delicacy enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Many visitors to Uganda also enjoy it! We shall taste the preparation and capture the whole story from a 26 year old entrepreneur (school dropout)who has trained and produced over 30 other entrepreneurs in the last ten years. He will make for the rolex on the street and you will eat it. The tour will end with one rolex packed for you for dinner at your hotel.