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We would like to give you an opportunity to select the places to visit and activities to do. We shall then design for you an itinerary based on your interests. The sites are as follows:

1. The Bulange: This is an ancient administrative headquarters of the Buganda Kingdom. Here, you will learn about the history of Uganda and the culture of the Banganda, Uganda's largest tribe. You will get into the parliament of Buganda, an administrative structure that existed before the arrival of Europeans.

2. The Lubiri Palace: You will walk a royal mile from the Bulange to the palace of the King, an architecture copied from the United Kingdom. Here, you will learn about the political history of Uganda. You will learn about Dictator Idi Amin, Uganda's infamous president as you enter into one of his tourture chambers. It is believed that more than 5000 people were murdered in this torture chamber alone.

3. Wamala Tombs: This is a burial ground for a King of Buganda who officially married 150 wives and had 150 concubines, all living with him at the palace. He was the first Ugandan to wear shoes, see himself in a mirror and wear modern cloth (away from barkcloth). He introduced Islam to Uganda. He is in many ways the unsung hero of Uganda, who laid the foundation for modernity in the early 1820s. His body still lies at Wamala.

4. The Uganda Martyrs Shrine, Namugongo: On June 3 1886, the same year of the Berlin Conference in Germany which partitioned Africa into colonies, a total of 25 Christian converts were burnt alive. They were set on fire alive, one by one, from morning to evening for their new faith. It was a young (17 years old) King who martyred them for a number of reasons, including disobedience! This site is visited annually by more than 1million pilgrims from allover the world.

5. The Uganda Museum: This is the oldest and largest museum in Uganda. It is home to a lot of historical, cultural, geological, archeological and more information about Uganda. It is such a wonderful place to learn about Uganda, with visible evidence.

6. Makerere University: The University is is Uganda's oldest and largest university, with a strong record across the globe. This is a powerful institution, still ranking high globally in research and teaching. A visit to the Art Gallery at the Institute of Fine Arts will awaken you to the art work and talent in the country.

7. Nomo Gallery: Uganda's oldest art gallery, created by a president and resident in the presidential State lodge in Kampala. This place has some of the best art in Uganda (if not East Africa) and you could take yourself a souvenir.

8. Owino market: This market is East Africa's largest downtown market, filled with all sorts of merchandise from various parts of the world. You'll get anything in this market, and a visit to see and feel how vendors, mainly young people go about with business, is in itself an experience to go home with.

9.Gaddafi Mosque: A mosque that was built by President Idi Amin and completed with support from president Gaddafi of Lybia. It is arguably the biggest mosque in Africa, and gives you an excellent panoramic view of Kampala City.

10. Ndere Centre: This is a place where you can relax in the evening as vibrant cultural performers take you around Uganda. They perform dances and teach you about each culture in Uganda. The performance is spiced with traditional comedy. You enjoy while having a taste of Ugandan food, and a Nile Beer, if you drink.


Please note that Ndere Centre opens only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 6pm.