• The Entanda Reception
    The Entanda Reception
  • Fruits!
  • Board Game
    Board Game
  • Irresistible Drums!
    Irresistible Drums!
  • African music
    You can't avoid shaking your body!
  • The Hunting Expedition
    The Hunting Expedition
  • Bark cloth making
    Bark cloth making
  • Hunter's Tools
    Hunter's Tools
  • Giving back to community
    Donating scholastic materials to the Kijjudde school
  • Giving back to community
    Donating scholastic materials to the Kijjudde school
  • Giving back to community
    Donating scholastic materials to the Kijjudde school
  • The Hunting Expedition in a beautiful surrounding
    The Hunting Expedition in a beautiful surrounding
  • When a village kid stretches your ribs!
    When a village kid stretches your ribs!

Entanda Cultural Adventure

Come and we enjoy traditional sport hunting, unspoilt village life, Baganda women bedroom secrets and so much more - just one hour from Kampala City!

Together, let's save unprotected wildlife and waning cultural values


One day Activity

8:00Am: Depart Kampala for Walumbe Ttanda (optional)

Depart Kampala for Ttanda Archeological and cultural site. This site is the home of the legendary Walumbe (god of death), brother to Nambi and in-law to Kintu, the first Baganda family. At the site, you’ll see up to 240 footprints of Walumbe as he was being pursued by Kayikuuzi for causing chaos among the local people. Some of these footprints are bottomless pits that have existed for many centuries, and were clearly not dug by man or even events of nature. You leave wondering how truly they were dug!

At Ttanda you will learn about the role of local shrines in facilitating psychotherapy, conflict resolution, exorcism and foretelling among the Baganda, Uganda’s biggest tribe. The site is in itself a symbol of the biblical fallen angels, and is a worship centre for people seeking divine blessings! You’ll meet dozens of such people at the site, including some of Kampala’s most affluent personalities.



11:00AM: Continue to Entanda for a rich cultural experience

Proceed to Kijjude Village through beautiful sceneries covered in green natural vegetation with expansive tea plantations. You will get an opportunity to walk through a natural tropical rain forest and wetlands with diverse melodies of birds and insects. Reach the hunter’s community and be welcomed with a traditional kiganda dance, entirely played by the local people with 100% local instruments.

While the cultural performance continues, you will be served with lots of fresh fruits ranging from sweet bananas (ndiizi), fresh jackfruit, sugar canes, guavas, mangoes, local pineapples to passion fruits, hard and soft. You’ll get an opportunity to enter the gardens and harvest for yourself whatever you want, and carry home whatever you can afford!

While enjoying yourself with the fruits, you will have a chance to swing on tightly tied ropes (on a tree), taking you deep into a thrilling and vigor experience reminiscent of childhood years: swinging with eyes closed is a very refreshing experience. Those who can, will ride bicycles through the village footpaths, connecting through tea plantations and forests. This experience is not only physically rewarding but also joyous, teaching you how rural Ugandans go about with transport!

12:00PM: Men go hunting and ladies stay preparing Luwombo

After a short briefing, all men (and ladies who can) will hit the bush to go wild animal hunting. The sport takes you through local homesteads, wetlands, forests and above all, hills that test your hiking skills. You will learn everything that hunters have done for centuries to capture wild animals.  Enroute you will enjoy sights and sounds of hundreds of bird species and butterflies. The beauty of this activity is that the lucky animal will be identified but not killed, or even touched. The idea is for you to see what transpires during traditional hunting and your payment will compensate the cost of abandoning hunting, giving wild animals another chance to live, and therefore reproduce to grow in numbers.

Visiting “the Bush”, both Men and Women

While the men are away on hunting, the ladies will stay behind with the ssenga (aunties) to learn how to prepare food in a typical traditional way. The process will begin with harvesting the food from the gardens all the way to preparation and cooking. You will actively participate and by the day you will learn how to prepare luwombo, Buganda’s special food.

After ensuring that the food is on fire, the ladies will be guided by the ssenga (auntie) to the “bush” to learn about bedroom matters. The senior ssenga will share her secret for happily staying in marriage for 50 years and still counting. She will teach you how to look after a husband, how to use certain local herbs to treat the sick, and how to manage a home in a typical kiganda tradition. Bed matters will be thoroughly discussed and any questions will be answered. Even necessary herbs will be provided for the ladies in need.

 The kojja (uncles) will also find their spot during the hunting, where they will rest and talk about marriage issues with the men. This discussion has always been extremely exciting as Kojjas share a combined experience of over 140 years! The senior kojja was raised in a typical kiganda style, wearing and using barkcloth as bedroom blanket. He will teach you how to make barkcloth too, and the general duties of men in homes, and of course how t6o handle women as he shares over 55 years of experience.

4:00PM: Sumptuous local cuisine (luwombo) served in a traditional Kiganda way

You will be served with luwombo, the same way it was served to John Speke when he visited Buganda in 1858. Most importantly, this will be food prepared with your participation, and it is 100% fresh food. You will enjoy the veggies and greens commonly enjoyed in this village. You will sit on mats, and you will use your hands to eat. All the visitors will sit around a central serving point to have the meal in a typical traditional way as the head of the family will be the only one to sit on a stool.


5:30PM: Soccer Match: Villagers Vs Community, Winner takes a Goat

After lunch, all roads will lead to the village football pitch for a competitive soccer match. The villagers will play against the visitors, and if the visit win the game, there will be goat roasting. or if the visitors want, they can carry their goat to wherever they wish!

But so far, all visitors have lost the matches to the villagers! Come and be the first to win.

7:30PM: Return to Kampala and arrive within one Hour