• Like you, gorillas too Kiss!

    You meet them, You'll never be the same!

  • Murchison Falls National Park - the wildlife Gem of Uganda!
  • Tours start from 3 days to 10 days

    Beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, community activities and unforgettable sights!

  • Explore Ugandan Culture

    Did You know this about Uganda?

  • Entanda Cultural Adventure

    Planting a tree for a better tomorrow

  • Guided Student Tours

    Affordable educational tours for young adventurous students! Learn, Enjoy, Explore!

  • Beautiful Ugandan landscapes

    We take you to places where your mind will be blown away by the beauty and freshness of sights!

  • The Roaring Waters of the Mighty Nile. Can you dare the waters?

    We guarantee unprecedented beauty and Adrenalin testing!

  • We take you where no one else has been!

    Explore with us!

  • Uganda a Birding paradise

    Over 1000 bird species recorded in Uganda!

  • A cultural Evening in Kampala!

    Let's take a tour of Uganda in one Evening! Lots of dances, stories and food! Fantastic experience!

  • Friendliest Team you'll ever Find!

    Let's help you plan your trip to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa

  • Climbing to the Top of Rwenzori Mountains. Ice at the Equator!

    Challenge yourself to reach the top of a Magnificent Mountain! A UNESCO World Heritage Site!

  • Interested in Insects? Let's take you where they live!
    Interested in Insects? Let's take you where they live!

    We can organise for you a successful macrophotography tour!