• Meet our Team
    Meet our Team

    We are a highly motivated and diverse team of university graduates, always available to serve our partners and clients.

About us

We are an indigenous safari Company in Uganda. We are an inclusive tourism business, supporting the poor and marginalized in every way we can. Besides providing training and business development support, we also dedicate more than 30% of our proceeds to the poor vulnerable communities engaged in entrepreneurial activities.




Our Inclusive Business Model

We are an inclusive tourism business. By this we mean that we integrate marginalized people (rural women, unemployed youth, people with disability, widows and the elderly) in all our activities, and our internal company policies support this model of business. We dedicate time to identifying needy communities, organise them, train them and connect them to the wider markets. More than 30% of our revenue goes to supporting these initiatives. This effort has gone a long way in promoting rural community entrepreneurship, empowerment, poverty eradication and environmental protection.

Our Mission

Our mission is to conserve nature and culture while helping the vulnerable earn a living.

How can you be involved in our inclusive business?

You can be involved in two primary ways in supporting us to support our inclusive initiatives. We do not encourage handouts but fair trade in which you, the community and ourselves all gain something– we all win. How can you be involved?

Become our partner.  All our clients are our partners because by booking a tour through us, we are able to support our local community partners. That way, your visit to Uganda is not just only about having a great safari but also helping the needy. And you’ll get an opportunity to interact with our communities and see for yourself how your money transforms lives.

We are looking for partnerships with universities and colleges. We are enthusiastic about having foreign students come and share their experiences with us, and with our local communities. You can undertake your community or research project with us, and our partners across Uganda. We enjoy a healthy strategic partnership with Uganda Community Tourism Association, an organization that supports over 70 community tourism initiatives in Uganda. We also work closely with Makerere University Business School, Department of Leisure and Hospitality.  We can arrange internships and experience sharing among local students, communities, business people and foreign students. There are many opportunities for research to test theoretical models and ideas – and we are available to help you.

We can also work together with you to plan, organise and implement a project. You can do this with your friends or alone. We have a long list of needs from our communities. These needs include providing clean water access (appropriate clean water sources), saving unprotected wildlife, protecting the natural environment, training in various fields of business and community organisation, school sanitation, books projects, community libraries and community health among others. You can make do with the resources at your disposal, for example the books you don’t need, the equipment you no longer use or even the clothes you no longer wear!

You can also choose to undertake your project in any field where you have a passion or expertise. We are available to facilitate the whole process.  


Dr. Celestine Katongole, the Founder & CEO

Dr. Katongole holds a PhD in tourism entrepreneurship, an MBA and a Bachelor of Tourism. He lectures tourism at Makerere University Business School, and Makerere University Department of Forestry, Biodiversity and Tourism. He is also an Adviser and Consultant to the government of Uganda and different UN agencies in Uganda on matters of tourism development. He has been pivotal in the formulation of Uganda's tourism policies, strategic investment plans, development projects and re-organisation of the sector. He also supports the tourism private sector as a technical adviser to the umbrella association, Uganda Tourism Association. In his 12 years of working, he has had technical assignments with the International Trade Centre, United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank, United Nations World Tourism Organisation, International Development Research Centre, Uganda Tourism Board, Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Uganda Tourism Association, Association of Uganda Tour Operators and a number of other respectable agencies on tourism development projects.