Best of Eastern Uganda Tour


Day 1

River Nile Special: Source and Grade VI Rapids

Have early morning breakfast and set off for Eastern Uganda at the Napoleon Gulf. Here you will treat your eyes to the spot where the world’s longest River Nile begins its journey to Egypt. Originally starting out as a thunderous Ripon Waterfall, this rather quiet spot has been visited by literally every world leader to Uganda and most of the influential people you may know of, including Mahatma Gandhi of India – you will have the opportunity to stand exactly where John Speke, the first European to see the spot, stood in 1862.

From the source of the Nile, we shall pay a visit to the office of the first tour operator in Uganda, many centuries ago, who navigated the brutal Nile waters to sail visitors from the East to central Uganda. You will also enjoy the sight of the spot where the notorious King Kabalega of Bunyoro, a man who fiercely resisted British colonialism died from, on his way from exile. Your eyes will see the stones that supported his death-nest. After lunch, you will visit the beautiful Busowokwo and Itanda Rapids on the Nile where you will see young men swimming through the roaring waters on a mere water can. If you like and are daring enough, both white water rafting and bungee jumping can be organised for you. Quad biking and jet boating are also adrenaline testing activities. Return to hotel for overnight stay.

Day 2

Sights of Ancient Ugandan life and Bamasaba culture

This day starts early morning to farther east, stopping over the Bishop Hannington murder site. You will have a look at the ancient palace, Hannington’s bedroom, church and reading room which he used for a month as he waited for his death. If you are daring, you will attempt climbing the stone which the thirty-eight year Christian Missionary failed to climb for hours to save his life in 1883! You will also see the anthill which his tormentor eventually turned into, and most importantly have a look at his royal clothes, cups, spears and money – original antiques used in the 1880s. You will have the opportunity to speak to his grandchildren, and the surviving wife of his last son.
Proceed to Mbale for lunch and hotel check-in. Relax at hotel and proceed to Mutoto women cultural dance group, for a treat of up to seven types of dances (for circumcision, funerals, harvest, etc). Interact with the people of the Bamasaba land. If your visit is in the Even year, you will see firsthand how traditional circumcision is done to boys being initiated into adulthood. It is such an amazing activity that is a true reflection of courage in pursuit of adulthood. Return to Hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3

Sights of the Sipi Falls and local Arabica coffee processing

Head off to the Sipi region in the morning after breakfast. Activities in this region will be handled by the local community, who will work as your guides all through. Have a morning visit to the magnificent waterfalls of the Sipi River as it traverses the Kapchorwa land from the Elgon Mountains. The sight of this waterfall, an entire river dropping off a 100 meters high cliff is amazing. You can’t stop gazing at this wonderful beauty. From the waterfall, the community will guide you through a natural swimming pool (formed by River Sipi) and further to the cave where ancient kings of the area used as a palace, until the death of the last one in the 1990s , from the same cave as his home. 
The day will end with a visit to a few of the coffee plantations, as this highland area is known for producing the best Arabica coffee in Uganda. You will watch firsthand how Arabica coffee is grown and processed locally, with the activity ending with a hot cup of coffee. You taste this coffee, you may never taste any other coffee – it is organic and authentic. Return to hotel for overnight stay.

Day 4

Sights and Sounds of Kidepo

Day begins with morning breakfast and drive further north-east of Uganda, to the land of Karimojong Nomadic pastoralists. Arrive in the afternoon at Kidepo National Park, arguably the most beautiful wildlife protected area in Uganda. Check in at lodge and rest

Day 5

Kidepo Sights and sounds

Go for early morning game drive in the beautiful plains of the Kidepo Valley National park. You will encounter elephants, giraffe, zebra, lion, eland, hartebeest, cheetah (if lucky) and very large herds of Buffalo.

Day 6

Sights and Sounds of Cavemen living Stone Age lifestyles

Day begins with breakfast and travel through the Karimojong land to the place where you will find what could possibly be the most marginalized people of Africa. Living in natural caves in the hills, these people do not wear clothes and mostly depend on hunting and fruit gathering. Interestingly, you may be able to hear some of the words in their language. Be one of the few people to encounter this marginalized tribe of Uganda. Return to lodge for overnight stay.

Day 7

Return to Kampala

Return to Kampala City and transfer to Entebbe Airport for return Flight.